Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Spidey Suit Revealed


So, yeah.  I like it.  The still very much reminds me of Ultimate Spidey as far as the characterization is concerned.  I can see this Pete coming home after a hard night of fighting bad guys.  This is a high school kid with issues.  He perhaps has just realized that even though being Spider-Man is awesome, and many steps up from being Puny Parker things still aren't going to necessarily go well for him.

If you look closely at his wrists, you can see the mechanical web shooters, which is way more of a big deal than it ought to be.  I never really got the dumbing down of Peter Parker in the previous movies.  Being a brainiac is more of what makes Spider-Man a successful crim fighter than anything else.  That and awesome Spider-Powers.  I always thought that the idea that we wouldn't buy this kid as being brilliant enough to make his own webbing was a little condescending and frankly stupid.  Pete is the kind of kid who might have been working on an epoxy formula based upon spider silk for years and then when he gets the powers, he also gets a bit of inspiration.  Maybe he has dreams about new organic compounds all the time, but he's not down with neurotoxins and acids, so we don't really hear about him adding them to his arsenal.

People like to also forget, probably because the Spider-Man movie made everything sciencey, that Spider-Man has a whole lot of mystical elements to him.  The character also likes to think he has the science angles covered.  But the comics never really said what makes him stick to walls  His Spider sense is pretty ill defined as well.  Writers in the comics often go for the mystical angle, but we don't see much of it in other media.

All I can say is that choosing to go with the mechanical webshooters makes Spider-Man a more interesting character and allows us greater understanding of what makes Pete tick.  It lets me know the filmmakers get the character and will let those of us who love him most in comics still appreciate what we see on screen.

Also, the suit really does look awesome.  Can a kid with one year of home ec make that suit?  Probably not  But in the Ultimate books, Spidey can't sew.

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