Thursday, January 20, 2011

Spidey Musical

by Christian Nicholson

So yeah, I saw it.  Or at least the preview version of it.  Its kind of poor form to review a Broadway show before it gets out of previews, so I won't do that.  I will say that you shouldn't believe a word of the negative publicity.

There are agendas attached to the ongoing "cursed show" narrative we've been getting these some months as the show keeps putting off its opening date.  A lot of reviewers don't really have anything else to do as much of Broadway is dark presently.  Which basically means new shows won't open until the spring and a whole host of shows just closed.  Reviewers have nothing else to complain about except for Spidey not opening on time to let them review it properly, so thats what they are doing.  Because it's Spider-Man and Bono and the Edge anytime something happens its going to be Entertainment News.  And because its Entertainment News, they really aren't going to break any jounalistic ground with their coverage.

The simple fact is, the theater is selling out tickets well in advance of the shows, and there is positive word of mouth on the very streets of New York.  So you can take in your news without thinking about it, or start plannng a trip to Broadway in the summer.  I, for one (or two), am planning on going back.

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