Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Johnny Storm Dead!

Art by Michael Turner, totally used without permission.

By Christian Nicholson

I'll say straight away that I haven't read the comic, and I don't really plan to.  I've never really been a big fan of the Fantastic Four.  There are a few really good stories out there, and with Jonathan Hickman at the helm doing the writing duties, its likely this is one of them.  I'll probably wait for the trade.

The thing about superhero death is that its rarely permanent.  Marvel hs gotten a lot better lately by letting characters stay dead longer (Thor was out of books for something like two years), and while Steve Rogers is back from the dead (or not quite dead...don't ask) he's still not Captain America.  Which is pretty cool.

The Big Two are all about managing intellectual property, so only makes sense they wouldn't keep their property dead forever, or even for very long.  What it means basically, is if a character's death is the best way to manage that charater, then that's what they are going to do.  While I'm sure that the character won't be permanently gone,  I am pretty sure it will mean some pretty interesting stories.  If you dig the Fantastic Four, now is a pretty good time to get into the books, and because Marvel uses a shared Multiverse, it means that the death of Johnny Storm will have consequences beyond the First Family.

If you are trying to snag that collectible that will put your grandkids through college, save your money.  The book will likely cost a pretty penny on Ebay, but it will swifty lose its value when they inevitably bring Johnny Storm back to life.

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