Thursday, September 24, 2015

Two Cats Comic Book Store's Top 5 Graphic Novels For Kids

Top 5 Graphic Novels for Kids!

by Corey Schroeder, Owner and Enthusiast

It can be tricky to know whether or not a graphic novel is appropriate for kids, particularly when so many people still think ALL comics are for kids. For those who know that's definitively NOT the case, comics can be something of a minefield. But never fret! Two Cats Comic Book Store is here with a definitive list of five graphic novels that are absolutely fantastic for any kid of any age.

Hilo Volume 01 Hard Cover

Judd Winick is known for inverting the tropes of children’s books to deliver some decidedly adult themes. One need look no further than the delightfully vulgar BARRY WEEN: BOY GENIUS to see evidence of that. But Hilo is a book without any of that: there is no irony nor satire nor hidden “dark” meanings, this is a book that is decidedly delightful. The visuals are bright and adorable and the writing is solid enough to make it a truly ALL ages book.

Lumberjanes Volume 01 Paperback

Five awesome teen girls camping in the woods having themselves some awesome adventures! Lumberjanes is equal parts fairytale, bonding and wall-to-wall action. Veteran artist Noelle Stevenson brings her one-of-a-kind style to relative newcomer Grace Ellis’ tale of young women forging their path through the many dangers of the woods.

Tiny Titans: Growing Up Tiny Paperback

I could have chosen any collection of TINY TITANS to put in this entry, but I chose my personal favorite. This series represents the perfect culmination of a series that is for kids but never talks down to them. The book is clever and witty while having actual activities between chapters for kids to do, and while they’re simple, they’re also thematic and extremely fun. This is an all encompassing gift for the younger set.

Adventure Time: Marceline and the Scream Queens Paperback

The strangest cartoon on TV has taken many forms in comics, all of them fantastic, but there’s something truly special about this tale of Marceline (the Vampire Queen) forming the coolest, riotous band she possibly can and taking them on the road. To Adventure. Time. Marceline, Princess Bubblegum and BeeMO come together to rock the land of Ooo! and have their very own Adventure...Time.

Fortunately, The Milk Hard Cover

Neil Gaiman might be known for his darkly whimsical adult prose, but his comic work as well as his children's books shouldn’t be underestimated and while THE GRAVEYARD BOOK might be a better overall story, I think this is a better full-on kids' book. Told in rambling, but coherent prose with amazing artwork by Scottie Young, this story of why a father was so long in returning from the grocery store stacks improbability on top of improbability, stretching the very bounds of credibility. Fortunately, the milk was there.

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