We know what you're thinking. Ok, mabe not. But if we had to guess, we'd say you're thinking: Who exactly are these people who work at this amazing store I totally want to check out?

Well, you asked for it. Each of our staff memebers is fully qualified to provide you with excellent comic knowledge and fantastic reading material, no matter what your tastes may be. And if you're new to comics, come talk to us anyway! We'll get you started right.

Christian Nicholson
First Among Equals
Store Manager

Christian is a long time veteran of the Comic Book Wars with over 10 years industry experience managing and operating comic book stores.  Christian and Corey, with the help of a few friends, opened Two Cats Comic Book Store on West Portal Avenue in San Francisco in November of 2011.

Christian’s forte is recommending graphic novels.  If you need something to sink your teeth into for an afternoon or a weekend, he’ll find the right book for you.

Corey Schroeder
Mechanikal Overlord
Events Coordinator

Since he began working over a decade ago, the name of the game for Corey has been “retail.” After a stint in a comic book store, he decided, along with fellow industry veteran Christian, to make 11 year-old Corey’s dream of owning a comic book store come true in November of 2011. He is also a frequent contributor to the website

Corey’s a jack-of-all trades, able to recommend graphic novels, single issues and even boardgames with equal effectiveness. Feed him a list of things you like, and he’ll spit out an equally long list of NEW things you’ll like just as much, if not more.

Holder of the Line

Aaron Weaver’s so great at comics, he makes OTHER people into fanatics without even trying. Aaron’s been a fan since his age was in the single digits and he knows not only what makes comics tick, but what makes their fans tick.

There’s a time that happens after buying a truly great book when you want to discuss it at great length and with great depth, and that’s when his specialty shows up: after something’s been recommended, Aaron will not only be able to recommend more, but be able to talk to you about what you just read and why it’s so great.

Magister Valorum
Sales Associate

Comics want him, Super Heroes want to be like him, Austin Meshel-Haun, Two Cats' Magister Ludorum, spends his days on his cushioned throne from Ikea plotting the best way to destroy those who would seek to best him... at games. A Graduate of SF State, Austin has the knowledge of how to best spend your money on things to properly distract you from growing up. Beyond his vast knowledge of games Austin can help you find the best comic for you, or anyone else who needs some proper literature dropped on them, as he would say, “Books are just Graphic Novels that couldn't get an artist.”

*Disclaimer* Austin is not responsible for you losing your job or failing classes because he showed you too many ways to better spend your time.

Matriarch of the  Felis Silvestris Catus
Sales Associate

Desiree is a comic lover and master of sass. When she isn't here she spends her time reading comics and playing video games in the dark and lonely corner of her mothers basement (if her mother had a basement). She is a current student at San Francisco State University and has a love of all things food and or cat related, but can also recommend lists upon lists of comics or graphic novels that will knock your socks and maybe even your pants off.

Sales Associate

Aya might seem like the most easy going soft spoken staffer, but she is in fact a Killbot.

Sales Associate

Every store needs an asymmetrical esoteric combat specialist, and Bernadette is not that person.

Sales Associate

Mission Report: Reconnaissance team found unidentifiable creature wandering the local swamp. Creature was observed attempting to hand comic books to other swamp wildlife, only to become despondent when aforementioned wildlife, being mostly fish and ducks, swam away uninterested. Upon confirming that the creature was too busy sighing about canceled indie series to pose a threat, reconnaissance team captured the creature and now has it contained within Two Cats Comic Book Store for further study. Research team has taken to calling the creature "Amanda" because it's funny.

Alumni Emeritus

Empress of the Metaverse
Sales Associate

Liz is a comic enthusiast and part-time nuclear scientist. She spends most of her time eating sandwiches and discovering new chemical elements to put in sandwiches to make them taste more like success. As a Creative Writing graduate from SFSU, Liz is very excited to share her love for all kinds of books with everyone, and is always looking for new things to take a bite out of (things that are not sandwiches, but are also sometimes sandwiches.)

When she isn't helping NASA identify hazardous rock crystals, she works on film sets, radio shows, and stage productions. Her favorite graphic novel, is, of course, Fear Agent by Rick Remender.

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