Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Captain America Suited Up

So... it seems a lot of folks are going to be surprised about Winghead's new look.  Those of us who have been reading the UItimates books ( have been pretty much expecting this all along.

Expecting and hoping they don't fuck it up.  It looks like they've even made material improvements in the design of the costume, which bodes really well for the movie and the direction Marvel Enterainment is taking in general.

Since reading the Ultimates I've been hoping for a Captain America movie that looks and feels a bit like its a lost episode from Band Of Brothers and a movie pays homage to the character as he was in the Golden Age of comics.  Mark Millar's vision of the Flag costumed guy has probably done more to reinvigorate and badassify Captain America than anything else.  Mark Millar's Cap isn't your aging grandpa talking about saving canned goods.  His Cap is the Best of The Greatest Generation, full of youth and vigor and the utmost desire and ability to punch Hitler in the jaw.  The design of the Cap costume says to me the creative team is going to deliver that and more.  They haven't really taken the design of the Ultimate Cap, so much as they've thought hard and well about what a Captain America would have looked like, if he was in our world.

I'm not sure what's going on with the guys in the background, but my gut tells me that if they are in black and not sporting USA flags, they are about to take a beating.

DC and Warner should take note.  This is how its done.

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