Thursday, March 31, 2016

These 4 Graphic Novel Recommendations Will Shock and Awe Your Blown Mind. #3 Will Leave You Weeping Blood and Speaking in Tongues.

4 Graphic Novels to Get Started With

by Corey Schroeder, owner and Enthusiast

There an absolute metric TON of comics and graphic novels in the world today! From Marvel to DC to Image and so many more publishers, mainstream and independent, it can be insurmountably difficult to know exactly where to begin and what to read first. That is where Two Cats Comic Book Store shines, but it can be handy to come to the table with some knowledge of what you're looking for, and to that end: 4 Graphic Novels to start off a lifetime of comics reading!

Civil War Trade Paperback

Not only is this the next, most anticipated Marvel Cinematic Universe offering, but it’s the gateway into exactly what’s been going on with the Marvel U comics for the last decade. It can almost all be traced back to this one, simple trade paperback and, fortunately, Mark Millar and Steve McNiven created a book worthy of all that hype. After a major disaster leaves hundreds dead, calls for superhero registration sweep the nation and the heroes themselves are staunchly divided into pro and anti-registration camps, with surprising heroes on both sides. It’s not only required reading if you want to get into the current movie climate, it’s one helluva great read on its own.

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