Monday, January 24, 2011

Wonder Woman Pilot Greenlit!

by Christian Nicholson

According to Deadline Hollywood, NBC is picking up the David E Kelley pilot.  If you aren't familiar with his work, take a peek at his IMDB.  He's known for writing on LA Law and creating Doogie Howser MD, Ally Mc Beal, Boston Public, The Practice, and Boston Legal.  I think he may be able to do this thing right.  But like all things geeky, right is relative.

I expect the show to be good, but I see several pitfalls with could keep the show from being great.

The first thing is, of course what I'd call obvious (and its not David E Keley) its the network.  It seems like the best shows on TV are more or less, not on TV (or at least the non-Cable TV networks).  HBO, Starz, FX, AMC, and Scy Fy have all produced outstanding content.  The common ingredients in the shows they produce is that they tend to be more psychologcally realistic, despite the settings or themes.  They have characters who act like people instead of TV people.  Stories are told in long form, and actions have consequences.  The signigifcant difference is basically that the Cable channels order whole seasons and committo wholestory lines, which gives the creators breathing room.  They also don't really seem to fuck with their series in mid season the way the netoworks do.  However, if anyone can manage the Network system, its David E Kelley.

Another pitfall could be the tone of the thing.  I think if they can capture the right blend of humor with heroism, they can make magic, but if they go too far into David E Kelley's wacky it could get pretty forgettable pretty quickly.  His resume has lots of gold in it, but it also has a few clunkers.  I'm hoping for the fomer.

A few things I've read have suggested we would be more likely getting the new costume instead of the classic.

Maybe that's why everbody and their brother passed the first time around.  But maybe rescinding that mandate is why NBC picked it up on the second pass.  Either way, I'll be on the day after it premires to stream it.

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