Saturday, October 25, 2014

5 Horrifying Graphic Novels to Satisfy Your Twisted Soul

By Liz Baker

Well, it’s almost here again! Yes, its Halloween time, and no Halloween is complete without a gripping graphic novel putting some much fear into your heart that you’re afraid the book might actually suck you and all your dreams into it. If you’re looking for a great last minute book to satisfy your literary sweet tooth this Fall, look no further! Treat yourself to one of these graphic novels, and just try not to scream!

  1. Fatale Vol. 1: Death Chases Me

Writer: Ed Brubaker
Illustrator: Sean Phillips
ISBN: 978160706563051499

If you like classic noir and big bad scary monsters from the Underworld, this book should be at the top of your reading list! Brubaker and Phillips drag you into the perfect mix of Lovecraftian horror and old time murder mysteries, and give you a taste of the nitty gritty underground that even most forensic teams never get to see. At the very least, it will keep you away from dark alleyways at night, if you value your sanity that is.

More horrifying graphic novels, after the jump!

Writer: Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa
Illustrator: Francesco Francavilla
ISBN: 978161988908851799

We’ve seen Archie. We’ve seen Betty and Veronica. But this is a horse of a completely different color. This book says goodbye to that loveable, friendly world of Archie, and replaces it with dramatically dark illustrations, and a storyline full of creaking undead and unspeakable horrors. Don’t worry though, even zombie Jughead has a thing for hamburgers or some sort, so at least there’s that.

Writer: Scott Snyder
Illustrator: Scott Tuft
ISBN: 978160706715351499

What is scarier than the early 1900’s? How about cannibalism and a thirst for blood? Severed is a supremely disturbing tale that is not only creepy, but cerebral and engaging on a whole new level as well. Any book can scare you, but this guy will give you nightmares for weeks. Not to mention, the art is beautifully realistic to boot. Just be careful reading in the never know what could be hiding in the shadows.

Writer: Tim Seeley
Illustrator: Mike Norton
ISBN: 978160706659051299

Imagine that the guy at your local grocery store gets hit by a bus. Now imagine that he gets up, perfectly undead, and goes to work the next day. Revival brings us the horror of living with death--literally--and lets us look into a lifestyle where the dead walk among us, and sometimes buy groceries. This haunting story is a great thought-provoking take on terror, and will definitely have you second guessing if it’s the teeth that really make the monster, or something different entirely.

Writer: Paul Tobin
Illustrator: Juan Ferreya
ISBN: 978161655136051799

This bone-chilling book is packed full of greatness, psychosis, and characters that put your pulse on ice from the geko. A combination of magic mind inception and chaotic insanity, Colder will seep into your brain and lead you through the halls of insanity first hand. The art completely takes over, and the story makes you wish you never had to go to sleep again--both awesome things to help lure you into the All Hallows Eve abyss. Just be sure to have a blanket nearby, or you might just freeze from shear terror!

Hopefully these gave you a good idea of where to start in the real of horror this Halloween. There's only a few days left, so don't waste any more time being not afraid and safe in the comfort of your own home! Come by and grab one of these spine-tingling horror-stricken graphic novels today, and we'll really give you something to scream about!

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