Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Top 5 Graphic Novels to Ease Your Tired Brain

Because sometimes you just want to read something fun!

By Liz Baker

Are you tired of reading books for school or work on material that feels basically pointless or forced upon you? Of course you are, who isn't! Well, here are a few top picks for those moments when you just want to turn off your brain and enjoy some of the more fun things in life. Or procrastinate, either way.  

Written by Ryan North
Illustrated by Shelli Parline and Branden Lamb
ISBN: 9781608862801

This book is full of some serious fun! Not only is the artwork incredibly colorful and bubbly, but the story is pretty much an exact example of what it would be like to live in your favorite childhood dream. With big bad monsters, and a dog that can morph into anything, you’ll have a tough time reading anything else after this one!

Written By Gerry Duggan and Brian Posehn
Illustrated by Tony Moore
ISBN: 9780785166801

Nothing says epic escapism like zombie presidents and Deadpool in my book! With presidential resurrection upon us, Deadpool is our only chance to make our history…history once again! If you’re looking for something that packs a punch with some gory details and witty dialogue, this is an awesomely quick read. Plus, Harry Truman’s ghost has lightening powers in it. So there’s that.

More Brain Relaxers, after the jump!

  1. Rat Queens, Vol. 1 (Image)

Written by Kurtis J. Wiebe
Illustrated by Roc Upchurch
ISBN: 9781607069454

What better way to escape the toils of every day life than to grab a book that transports you smack dab in the middle of a Dungeons and Dragons paradise? Rat Queens is the perfect pairing of RPGs and fantasy fun, with that little hint of sass to keep it moving. If you like epic quests and celebratory murder drinking, try taking this rockin’ book for a spin. It’s just like taming a dragon, but less bloody.

Written by Gerard Way
Illustrated by Gabriel Bá
ISBN: 9781593079789

Yes, you read that right. Gerard Way, from My Chemical Romance, wrote a graphic novel. And it turns out, it’s pretty great! Big bold coloring and outrageous super-kid antics make this a perfect book to escape that line at your local DMV with. Or, you know, anywhere else there’s a line.

Written by Jeff Parker
Illustrated by Richard Case
ISBN: 9781401247218

We’re back in 1966, and the Daring Duo are at it again! This delightful collection revisits classic Batman and Robin as they appeared in the TV series with that same Pow-ing Kablam-ing action. The art is audacious, the story is hilarious, and most of all, no one is worried about getting rid of a bomb. It’s definitely a gas, to be sure!

Reading is fun, but it’s more fun when you’re doing it instead of something else! So take a break once in a while! Grab a book from us instead of tearing your hair out over that complicated project you've been working on, and relax. After all, even the amazing Spider-man needs to escape sometimes.

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