Thursday, March 1, 2012

Image Expo 2012 Recitation

By Christian Nicholson

We had a great time at the Image Expo 2012 and accomplished all of our goals.  Thank you that is all. 

Oh wait, maybe it isn't.

Aaron is hard at work texting or something.

We took a less than commanding selection of graphic novels, but we managed to convey the impression that "yes indeed we have more stuff at the store."  The collectibles we brought were pretty cool.

T-shirts were the stand out money maker.  We have more shirts in the store, which you will see in subsequent blog posts.

Our spot was conveniently located near the front entrance of the convention hall, which gave us some pretty amazing visibility.

I'd like to thank Jimmy Jay, the other exhibitors, all the folks at Image, IDW and other publishers of creator owned comics for hosting and participating in this excellent alternative to Wondercon.  We got the chance to meet or reconnect with customers and industry professionals.  The expo had a managable crowd and went pretty smoothly.  We worked hard, made a little money and had a great time.

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