Tuesday, May 26, 2015

New Twelfth Doctor Who Volume 1 Trailer Released!

By Liz Baker

Calling all Whovians! The wibbley wobbley time has come--the new Dr. Who comic trailer for the Twelfth Doctor's Terrorformer Volume 1 is here! If you're a fan of Capaldi, like we are, as the wonderful and very Scottish Dr. Who, today is your lucky day. Titan Comics, which has been releasing Dr. Who comics from the new reboot since last July, is finally releasing it's first collection of Capaldi stories. This collection--unlike the Tenth and Eleventh Doctor arcs--takes place within the series, with Clara as the companion. Though it took a minute for Capaldi's Doctor to hit the radar, it seems that he's quickly been taking off as one of the best doctors to the date (though no one can really say no to David Tennant, let's be serious.) This volume features all new characters and adventures as well, which is super exciting for those of us who are jonsing for more Doctor Who in this mid-season dry spell.

 Check out the trailer and see what you think of the new Doctor's comic!

This new volume, entitled Dr. Who: Terrorformer, is written by Robbie Morrison, with art by Dave Taylor and Mariano Laclaustra, so we're in for some delicious photo-realism with this one. Trade is in store now, so grab your TARDIS--er, copy--today!

What do you think about the new Dr. Who Series? Drop us a line and let us know below!

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