Sunday, October 28, 2012

MTG RTR Pre-Release Party 9/29/2012

By Christian Nicholson

We managed to be one of the few stores in the SF Bay area that was able to feature the MtG Return to Ravnica Pre-Release party.  Basically, what that means is that some very cool cards were available for purchase and play one whole week before wide release.

Austin, (the tall dude with the red stripe in his hair) is our resident MtG expert and acts as judge and organizer of all things MtG at the store.

We get by with a little help from our friends.

The walls of the Sanctum now feature some cool pieces of art we've managed to come across, including the original pencil work for the store logo.

We managed to have space for 32 players.  Believe me when I say, that's a lot of players.

Liz helped out a lot with policing, regulating, and disseminating the Pre-Release draft packs.  Don't worry if you don't know what that means.  It's very cool, and a very big deal.

David collects some of the gazillion empty card wrappers generated from the initial opening.  Our players have a wide age range.  What that means is that the competition at Two Cats is so intense you might just get thrashed by a kid.

The event was successful beyond our wildest speculations.  We look forward to doing it again for the MtG Gatecrash Pre-Release Event in January.  We expect to have additional tables to let more players get involved.

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