Thursday, May 10, 2012

Free Comic Book Day 2012 Aftermath

By Christian Nicholson
Lead Photo by Tim "Jersey" Clark

With clear eyes and humble hearts, we've reassessed our views on Free Comic Book Day.  Why?  Because it was awesome!

FCBD 2012 happened to fall on Cinco De Mayo this year.  With a little help from the 501st Legion and our customers, we made it one to remember.

We had a pretty good spread of swag and comics.  Or at least we started off that way.  We also supplemented the selection with some books we already had onhand.

The free titles were pretty excellent.  We were especially blown away at the Mouse Guard hardcover.

Much to our surprise, we had one of our best sales days yet.  Of course, having the Empire onhand to supervise helped keep things orderly.  We started the day with apathy and ended with love towards FCBD.

We wound up meeting a whole bunch of new customers who really helped to make the day more fun than it would have been otherwise.  Yeah.  I think retailing is fun.

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