Monday, February 7, 2011

Where’s Captain America?! Right F’ing Here!

By Corey Schroeder

Captain America’s movie poster has been released and MAN, I do like what I’m seeing. First of all: Chris Evans looks AMAZING in the uniform. Not just in terms of how much he bulked up, but how much gravitas he’s bringing just to that single still image.

Casting decisions are generally the most shat upon news in any movie/comic book forum (people thought Robert Downey Jr. would be a terrible choice for Tony Stark, and of course the UPROAR over Heath Ledger as the Joker was text deafening) and Chris Evans was no exception, but I think this combined with the trailer is making a lot of converts. The uniform more based on the Ultimate look is definitely a step in the right direction as I never quite bought the weird “scale mail” that they kept calling chainmail even though those are not the same thing as being practical or even useful as armor against opponents who have guns.

We see a lot of dirt and ash being tossed up in the background with the simple word “AVENGE” across Cap’s chest (with the shield peeking up from the bottom). The official Captain America site has this image with some animation that seems to indicate it’s a bomb going off the background which also seems to indicate that the movie will be set almost, if not entirely, during World War II, which I think is a damn good thing. It also seems like they’re going for a fairly grim and somber tone, which is also the way to go as Captain America is a property that can go into chintzy territory VERY easily.

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