Friday, November 18, 2011

The Creep Spreads

By Christian Nicholson

I promised our employees we wouldn't Zerg our customer service, but no one said anything about Zerging the store layout.  We make signigicant improvements to the store on a daily basis.

We've unleashed the Kraken, err, Cashwrap.

Eva and Tricia break into spontanous song while working.  I think it might be the beginning of unionization.  Skully and I will watch and listen carefully.  Also, notice the difference between this and the last photo, in terms of size of store. We pushed it back about four feet and added a merchandiser called a pinwheel.

We've also unleashed our T-Shirt Wall Of Awesome.

So big, it won't all fit in one photo.

Stop in, check it out for yourself.

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